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Stackable Washer Dryer: The Laundry Center Your Home Needs

A stacked washer and dryer is where both appliances are together in a permanent housing with the washer on bottom and the dryer on top. A stacked set operates exactly like a traditional side-by-side set and are handy in living arrangements where space is limited. They work nicely for apartments, mobile homes and small houses.

While the washer and dryer units can be the same as a side by side set, they tend to be be slightly smaller. Many apartments feature stackable units because they take up far less space than a traditional side by side set up. While more vertical space is needed, it’s usually not a concern.

Save Space and Money

If you have a small laundry area, being able to stack your machines lets you open up the space to store laundry bins, drying racks or other laundry accessories. You could even put in some storage for your laundry supplies. In addition, you no longer have to try to squeeze in between the machines if clothing gets dropped or fight to find a way to fit yourself and a laundry basket in the room at the same time. You get a much more usable space that will help make laundry chores much easier.

Another benefit with stackable washer and dryer sets is energy savings, they tend to be more energy efficient than standard machines due to their size. This means you use less water and electricity or gas. With the machines that use a traditional plug in for the dryer, you will notice far less electric use. The key, though, is to wash smaller loads. Overloading the machines may end up using more energy to get the laundry clean.

Stacked machines are also quieter because they don’t get unbalanced. Because the units are hooked together, there is more ability to absorb the vibrations, so they don’t produce as much noise.

If you are in a situation where a traditional side by side washer and dryer set up just won’t work, a stacked washer and dryer is a great alternative. Whether you buy a stackable set or stack your current set with a kit, it is a great way to save space and make your laundry chores easier.

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