Eco Living Owned Seal

Living Direct is proud to introduce our own branded Eco-Living seal. Living Direct strives to design green products that provide greater efficiency and enhanced performance for a better living.

Our commitment to the environment and our clients is to continuously help reduce the carbon footprint in the environment, restrict the use of hazardous substances in the products that we manufacture while lowering utility bills and greenhouse gas emissions.

some of our certified Eco-living products include:

Thermoelectric Wine Coolers:

Our Thermoelectric Wine Coolers do not have a compressor and do not use a refrigerant. This makes them more energy efficient and silent units.

Evaporative Air Coolers:

Our Evaporative Air Coolers provide you with the alternative of cooling in an energy efficient manner.

Portable Dishwashers:

Our Portable Dishwashers use less water and are Energy Star certified.

Less Waste Kegerators:

Our less waste Kegerators help the environment by avoiding the disposal of tons of beer cases that would be generated when buying and storing cases of beer in a cooler vs. a Kegerator.

Portable Heaters:

Using one of our Portable Heaters vs. a central unit saves energy.

Trash Compactors:

Our Trash Compactors reduce landfill.

Induction Cooking Products:

Our Cooktops and Counter Top Burners are energy efficient.

Portable Refrigerators:

Our 12-volt portable refrigerators use thermoelectric, peltier cooling node instead of compressor using 80% less energy to cool.