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Mini Kegerator: Draft Beer Right on Your Countertop

Are you interested in having draft beer available at home, but not sure if a full size keg is too much beer for you? If you love draft beer but aren’t quite ready to commit to a full size kegerator, the compact and convenient countertop kegerator is a great option for you. While small in size these mini kegerators still offer the convenience of fresh draft beer at your fingertips. Whether in your home or office, a countertop kegerator will fit even the smallest of spaces.

The Benefits of Mini Kegerators

There is no denying that a countertop kegerator will be a definite point of interest for any party with it’s unique look and abilities. While countertop kegerators are compact in size they are not lacking any top quality features of a full size kegerator such as a professional draught style handle, digital temperature controls, a CO2 regulator and pressure gauge. When you’re ready to use the countertop kegerator, all you need to do is hook up the appliance with the CO2 regulator and the pressure gauge. These two features ensure that the beer stays fresh and pours to perfection. The digital temperature monitor also allows you to store your keg of beer at the perfect serving temperature.

Because it is not a complicated system, a mini kegerator is very user friendly. Once the beer has been placed into the unit, the simple draught spout is simply turned on and off when the glass has been filled to its desired level.

The Party Never Stops

While the countertop kegerator is a great addition to any party or gathering, the unit is also equally as enjoyable in the privacy of your own home. If you’ve had a long day at work, there is nothing better than knowing you don’t have to make a run to the local bar to enjoy a delicious draft beer. Instead, you can have your drink waiting for you when you return.

Beer enthusiasts will especially appreciate the versatility of the unit. If it takes you a while to get through a full size keg or just like more variety, this countertop kegerator will allow you to try a variety of beers in a shorter time frame.

The Best Party Favor

In short, there are several reasons why you’ll be thankful for having purchased a small kegerator for your home or man cave. Never again will you have to settle for flat tasting beer or make all too frequent trips to the store to stock up on your favorite beer. Purchase your mini kegerator today, and get the party started.

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