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Outdoor Living: Appliances to Enjoy in Your Own Backyard

With the new accessibility of outdoor appliances, oversized grills, pizza ovens and finishing details like tiles and installed countertops, outdoor spaces have become an active part of many homes. Ambitious homeowners will sometimes even complete their outdoor space with plumbing and electrical lines to create a true, complete extension of their homes. There is no denying that patios and porches have become an extension of our indoor living spaces, so it’s time to treat them as such.

Outdoor Appliances for Outdoor Spaces

Patio furniture and deliberate landscaping will help complete the look of an outdoor space, but appliances help to make that space a functioning part of your home. Even a small and subtle appliance can make a dramatic difference on a patio or in a backyard.

A wide range of appliances are designed for outdoor use in a variety of climates. The products needed to complete your outdoor design will vary depending on the type of space you are hoping to create.

For example, a luxurious and relaxing spa-like space might have an outdoor wine refrigerator, a fire pit and an outdoor heater. The look might be completed with plush furniture, lush green and blooming hanging plants and a pergola draped with voluminous flowing curtains.

A patio kitchen built for a grill master will have a grill, a smoker and plenty of space for a refrigerator. The space might be finished with a tiled bar that is perfect for serving food and drinks.

A spare outdoor living space for the family may be equipped with comfortable seats for every person, coolers for storing beverages and an outdoor ice maker with enough ice to keep everyone’s drinks cold. A pizza oven will help complete the family pizza night.

With the creative placement of appliances, you can create a truly enjoyable space. As you begin to design your new living area, there are a few things to remember. If you are cooking outside, consider the ventilation above and below your cooking space. Proper air circulation will help make cooking easier and can prevent smells from entering your home. Think about the dimensions of the space relative to the size of appliances you intend to use. While the extra-long grill with a full-sized range might be appealing, it could be a cumbersome and costly purchase if there is not enough space for it in your yard.

Benefits of Outdoor Appliances

For many, outdoor appliances seem like lavish or impractical items. Yet as people continue to look for ways to expand their living spaces onto their patios and backyards, the benefits of outdoor appliances are becoming apparent. Building an expansion is often more affordable than purchasing a new larger home. The need for affordable space makes many people consider the outside as part of their living space, especially if they need more room for gathering with friends and family. The relaxed atmosphere that accompanies outdoor life is favorable for many individuals as well.

Outdoor kitchens are considered a luxury feature in many home markets. The appliances that go into creating an outdoor kitchen have a high rate of return on your investment when it comes to reselling your home. Often, a well-decorated outdoor living space that is enhanced with appliances will add more value to a home than a more spacious garage or bedroom. However, if you are building an outdoor kitchen, be sure that it doesn’t overwhelm the backyard, eliminating the open spaces that may also be highly valued by prospective buyers.

Outdoor kitchens have the additional bonus of providing a flexible cooking space that is not always available indoors. Outdoor fireplaces and grills provide cooking options that cannot be replicated on a stove or oven inside. If you are looking to grill, smoke or deep fry, outdoor kitchens provide a space where you can try unique recipes and open-flame techniques that cannot be done in a traditional kitchen.

Adding improvements to your outdoor space can be a valuable addition to your home, but they can also provide hours of comfort and entertainment for your friends and family. Whatever kind of space you are hoping to build outside, Living Direct is capable of meeting your needs for all your outdoor appliances. Browse the selection today to get started on creating your dream space.