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Portable Air Conditioner: Supplemental Air Conditioning For Your Home

Central air conditioners are great for cooling large homes and expansive spaces during those warm summer days. But, what about the times when you only need to cool one room? This is where a portable air conditioner can help you.

Save Money With Supplemental Cooling

Instead of paying to cool your entire home, including all the unoccupied rooms, you can use a portable air conditioner to cool just the room you are in. Lightweight and compact, this type of AC unit can be found in various sizes. From small models ideal in an apartment or small bedroom to powerful commercial models, a portable air conditioner can ease the heat no matter how large the room may be.

What is a Portable Air Conditioner?

Unlike other types of air conditioning, portable units are flexible to your lifestyle and specific needs. Whether its a living room, kitchen or bedroom, this type of air conditioner is designed to be moved on a whim. Ideal for cooling spaces with shifting temperature needs, these AC units are designed to be easily moved just about anywhere you need.

The Benefits of Portable Air Conditioners

While a central air conditioner or HVAC unit was once considered the gold standard in many homes, there are many ways that you can use, and benefit from, a portable air conditioner. Certain rooms are more likely to overheat. Perhaps your home includes a gym, an office with lots of electronics or a closed in kitchen — all areas that are very prone to isolated heat. Maybe it’s an attic bedroom that’s giving you troubles. Because heat rises, upstairs bedrooms, offices and other spaces tend to warm up and retain more heat than downstairs areas. Unfortunately, this can quickly lead to uncomfortable hot spots around the home.

Portable AC units offer the unique benefit of letting you cool a targeted area in whatever manner pleases you the most. Choose a portable cooling unit and you’ll immediately be able to keep rooms at the desired temperature for work, exercise, cooking and other heat-inducing activities, all without having to expend the energy to cool down your entire house. This type of air conditioner also works great for homes with large families or multiple roommates This is because everyone prefers a different temperature and it may be difficult to make everyone happy with a central air conditioner. You're either too warm or too chilly, and finding that middle ground can prove difficult. A portable air conditioner solves this by giving you better temperature control per each room. We offer portable AC units that run quietly - perfect for cooling a baby’s room. Maybe it’s grandma who’s feeling a little warm. Move your portable air conditioner to a reading room or sunroom and she can relax in comfort.

Apartment dwellers often face unique challenges when they lack central air, especially those of whom are unable to use a window air conditioner. Portable AC units to the rescue! And who can forget those finicky spring and fall nights, when temperatures can shift quickly. No more waking up in the middle of the night to adjust the temperature. Keep our portable AC units bedside and cool down with just the flick of a switch.

Finding the Best Portable Air Conditioner For Your Home

Before choosing from our portable AC units, you must first determine what your cooling needs will be. The dimensions of the room or rooms you will cool most often will help you to select the best unit. For example, a 14,000 BTU AC unit would probably be ideal for a 525 sq.ft. room, while 10,000 BTUs could work well for 350 sq. ft. or smaller. Getting a unit with the right BTU's will help cool your room effectively and efficiently.

Uncertain of your room’s exact dimensions? Don’t worry - we make it easier by describing typical rooms by dimension. If cooling speed is a factor, shop our dual-hose portable AC units. In these models, separate intake and exhaust hoses allow for more air intake, cooling power and more stable air pressure, which contribute to a 40 percent faster cooling rate. Combine that with ultra-low temperature capabilities and our top-selling units are certain to get your space cool and comfy in no time.

Home appliances are becoming increasingly high-tech, and portable AC units are no exception. We carry units with timers that are able to automatically adjust the fan speed and other settings to keep the area cool to the set temperature.

Other portable AC units come with built-in dehumidifiers and select units double as portable space heaters when temperatures drop. Perhaps best of all, portable cooling systems enable you to cut energy costs by cooling a single space rather than a whole house. From stuffy attics bedrooms to warm kitchens, hot spaces are just plain uncomfortable. Don’t tough it out with a flimsy fan. Choose from our portable ACs and get back to enjoying your home year-round.

Here at Living Direct, we are proud to have one of the largest selection of portable air conditioners online. From single-hose to dual-hose units, we are confident that we have the best portable air conditioner to keep your home or office cool and comfortable all summer and beyond.