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Sedona by Lynx for Outdoor Cooking

Since 1996, Lynx has been the first name in outdoor cooking appliances. The past 20 years has seen their signature style become the gold standard for outdoor kitchens and grills.

It makes sense. Lynx was founded by a group of individuals with over 30 years of experience manufacturing beautiful and well-working appliances for use in commercial restaurants. At the time, outdoor cooking meant a simple barbeque grill, and not much else. They saw an opportunity: to bring the glinting, stainless steel quality of restaurant cooking to an outdoor venue, creating total outdoor luxury cooking. But Lynx isn’t just about outdoor cooking. It’s about outdoor cooking that lasts. Not just from the onslaught of time alone, but through heavy, natural usage and the extreme weather conditions that come with the outdoors.

Lynx achieves this quality by offering the same designs perfected in the equipment made popular in commercial kitchens. Quality materials, fine craftsmanship, and innovation all come together to make timeless outdoor grills and accessories that are effortless to use and a joy to cook on. Lynx’s innovations include special welding techniques make sure that no gaps occur between parts, ensuring that no moisture or grease gets trapped in hard-to-clean crannies. Couple that with a company devoted to constantly enhancing existing product lines to promote a better user experience and a sleek, stainless steel style, and it’s no question that Lynx is one of the best outdoor cooking manufacturers on the market.

Here at Living Direct, we understand the need for a complete outdoor kitchen. That’s why we carry Sedona by Lynx: a professional line of outdoor appliances and accessories designed for the discerning home cook or entertainer. Sedona by Lynx is an incredibly customizable outdoor solution that includes grills, burners, drawers, and cabinets, each rendered in that stunning stainless steel that will make your outdoor kitchen absolutely beautiful and absolutely functional.

The centerpiece of any quality outdoor kitchen is a grill. Sedona by Lynx’s gas grills stand ready for the task: 24” to 42” grills that can bear the brunt of a full outdoor party. These grills can be equipped with extras such as additional searing burners and rotisserie turners to roast turning chickens. For built-in outdoor kitchens with plenty of space, drawers, access doors, and built-in refrigerators serve to build out your perfect space. No outdoor kitchen dream is too big.

But not everybody has the luxury of a built-in outdoor space. Don’t worry—this shouldn’t let you or your patio be discouraged from hosting the perfect summer cookout. While Lynx’s grills look fantastic built into a kitchen island, they also can be fitted perfectly on top a grill cart. The Sedona by Lynx line features equally handsome stainless steel carts for freestanding gas grills. These carts—which feature rolling wheels that add convenience—will easily turn any patio or outdoor space into a griller’s dream.

So what are you waiting for? Come check out the Sedona by Lynx collection, starting right here with our selection at Living Direct.