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Style and Function with Smeg

Since 1948, Smeg has been the first name in attractive appliances manufactured directly in Italy. Based in the town of Guastalla which lies in the Emilia Romagna region of Northern Italy, the company derives its name from an acronym. Smeg, or Smalterie Metallurgiche Emiliane Guastalla, transales as Metal Enameling Plant from Guastalla Emilia. The company’s humble beginnings and shortened name have expanded to 17 subsidiaries worldwide in countries such as Denmark, Portugal, and the United States. Now, after over 65 years, Smeg is a name that brings to mind quality, technology, and design: the three maxims the corporation prides itself on. Smeg doesn’t just ride on the standard of Made in Italy—it contributes to it. Smeg’s flagship appliance has got to be its eye-catching refrigerators. Available in a variety of sizes—down to 1.5 cubic feet in a square model, up to a 11.7 cubic feet model with two doors—these retro refrigerators are an absolute ode to classic design. A Smeg refrigerator brings with it curved corners, chrome lettering and handles, and absolutely breathtaking. They allude to decades previously filled with checkerboard floors and vinyl tabletops, with a modern flair that makes them perfect for a modern kitchen. Traditionally when you plan a kitchen, the appliances are an afterthought to a floorplan, counter fixture, or oven. Smeg’s refrigerators are a bit of an enigma, here. Each Smeg refrigerator stands out on its own with gorgeous colors such as red, orange, sky blue, and lime green, making them perfect as the centerpiece of any kitchen. They draw the eye in such a way that every other aspect of a kitchen looks perfect beside it. But they also work perfectly inside of an already established kitchen. Their timeless look ensures that they add to existing rooms without overpowering, becoming a part of a supporting cast for an unmatched tapestry. No matter the size of a fridge you might need or the color you favor, Smeg brings Italian quality with retro Italian style to your kitchen. Of course, Smeg doesn’t only make stylish refrigerators. Their matching dishwashers feature the same chrome fixtures, sloped corners, and flat, smooth colors. These fully-integrated dishwashers are perfectly complementary to the refrigerators they match up with. All of Smeg’s appliances follow suit: they integrate into walls and kitchens and create timeless, seamless looks. Take, for instance, Smeg’s gas and electric cooktops. These install directly into counters in colors such as chrome or black and look as though they’d never exist anywhere else. Same with Smeg’s wall ovens and microwaves: clean lines and retro-futuristic knobs make them dissolve into existing styles, never standing out any longer than they need to. Of course, Smeg’s standalone ranges might not blend into counter tops or walls, but they look phenomenal just the same. And, almost as a bonus, they work flawlessly. When you’re after Italian style matched with Italian quality, chances are you’re shopping for a sports car. But Smeg brings those same qualities directly to your kitchen. Check out the possibilities here at Living Direct.