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Range Hoods: Complete Your Kitchen With A Vent Hood

After a long night of cooking, there’s nothing worse than a messy kitchen. While our range hoods can’t shop, chop, sauté, or wash dishes for you, they can help ensure that the air and surfaces in your kitchen are as palatable as can be.

Our powerful range hoods kick into action during cooking, capturing and removing smokes and smells as you prepare delicious foods. Under cabinet models are timeless and classic installations that fit in perfectly with pre-installed over-head cabinets, where their powerful fans will capture any and all smokes.

If you don’t have cabinets ready and waiting, look no further than our wall-mounted hoods. These models install beautifully alongside kitchen walls, where they’ll capture smoke, smells, and airborne grease all the same. Or, if you cook at a kitchen island for 360 degrees of cooking mobility, check out our great selection of island hoods, which install freely away from walls and counters for a sleek, modern functionality.

We also carry a variety of insert and downdraft hoods. The former are perfect for built-in installation compartments—the all-in-one insert hoods fit neatly into pre-determined spaces. The latter are powerful, countertop installations that capture cooking smells before they have a chance to head up towards the rest of the room, perfect for those who don’t want anything hanging from the ceiling.

Always be ready with the help of our filters, ducting, and accessories, to make sure you’re cooking at full capacity. Our range hoods may not figure out what’s for dinner, but they’ll make cooking it so much easier.