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Verona Luxury Appliances - Made in Italy

Near Venice—in the rolling fields of Borso del Grappa, Italy—sits the Verona factory, where the experienced company creates exquisitely designed and manufactured appliances. The area is breathtaking: trees trundle alongside the plush greens of gorgeous open acres. The exquisite landscape is beautiful. But then, so are Verona ranges. Operating since 1958, Verona is the name at the top of the list when it comes to upscale kitchens. With nearly half a century of experience, it makes sense: high quality standards in both durability and beauty mean that the timeless ranges and appliances that Verona create are unsurpassed. Whether you’re looking for a traditional gas range, a modern electric oven, or something in-between, chances are, Verona’s got you covered. And on top of it all, you won’t have to trade style for substance. Verona ranges have it all.

While you might have a preference for gas or electric ranges—or your home kitchen setup might necessitate one or the other—chances are both are suitable for your cooking needs. Some home chefs prefer the versatility of gas stove tops, while bakers in particular might find the steady reliability of an electric oven more suited toward their needs. At Living Direct, we’ve got plenty of both. Our Verona gas ranges come in widths from 24 to 36 inches, and can come equipped with one or two ovens depending on your needs. Up top you’ll find handsome and effective gas burners designed to accommodate any size of pot or pan you need to heat. The smooth, stainless steel finishes of Verona ranges look great and are bound to fit into any kitchen.

If you prefer the consistency of an electric stove and oven, Verona’s stainless steel monoliths of quality cooking are here to satisfy. These great gleaming units feature abilities such as self-cleaning modes or induction ranges. No matter your choice, they feature sleek, one-piece cooktops, stylish backsplashes, and a singular style that fits in seamlessly.

But perhaps Verona’s most intriguing line of products are its dual fuel ranges. With a dual fuel range, you won’t have to choose between precise burner control and constant, reliable oven temperature. Dual fuel ranges do it both. Available in both 30 and 36 inch widths, these beautiful dual fuel ranges from Verona offer efficient gas control up top and reliable electric oven interiors. If you have the kitchen space and the option to choose a dual fuel range, there’s little reason to opt out of the best of both worlds.

If you don’t have the space, however, never fear. Verona doesn’t just make beautiful ranges, but also a variety of cooktops and wall ovens that’ll save you the space of having an entire range. If you have extra countertop space but not room for a full range, a gas or electric cooktop offers plenty of burner space for ovenless convenience. If you still need an oven, Verona’s wall ovens are a perfect solution: these ingenious units fit directly into a wall, saving you the floor space normally reserved for a full range.

If you need a full range, something more compact, or even separate oven and cooktops, Verona has a stylish unit suited to your needs. Gas, electric, or both—find them all here at Living Direct.