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Zephyr Vent Hoods for Kitchen Ranges

Since 1997, Zephyr has created range hoods that outperform their peers in both style and function. It is through innovative design and consumer-first technologies that Zephyr achieves this, creating solid, dependable appliances that bring professional-grade utility to homeowners and their kitchens. Fantastic technologies such as high-CFM blowers help make Zephyr a name in redefining the kitchen range hood. With a cadre of passionate and renowned designers, Zephyr has redefined and redesigned the range hood into beautiful, singular appliances hewn of stainless steel and glass. At Living Direct, we’re dedicated to bringing you top notch appliances and fixtures—no matter the part of your home that might need them. That’s why we carry a number of Zephyr range hoods, designed for a variety of kitchen needs and wants. One thing you need to know about range hoods is that they’re not all created equally. It might be easy to assume that you simply place a fan over your range to deal with any cooking smells, vapors, and smokes, but not all ranges are created equally, either. Some are placed simply against walls, while others are installed into kitchen islands. The best range hood for you and your kitchen will, naturally, depend on your range. The most common range hood is the under cabinet range hood. If your kitchen doesn’t waste a single drop of space, chances are you have cabinets installed directly over your range. These range hoods slot directly beneath your existing cabinets, ready to take on cooking vapors. Insert hoods work similarly to under cabinet hoods, but these hoods slot directly into a cabinet designed to hold and conceal them. It creates a seamless look, one that hides the appliance and puts the controls out of sight but always at reach. Of course, Zephyr’s specialty is range hoods that stand out. This is nowhere more apparent than in their wall-mounted and island hoods, which have plenty of style and are a great addition to any kitchen that needs them. If you’ve got a range next to a wall but no cabinets, wall-mounted hoods attach directly to your wall, hiding venting behind eye-catching facades. Meanwhile, island hoods are perfect for ranges that are installed into kitchen islands in the middle of the room. These add a wonderful vertical aspect to generally unused space. No matter the range hood you need for your kitchen, you’ll also want to figure out if you need a recirculating kit or range hood. While traditional range hoods vent directly to the outside, not all buildings or kitchens allow for such an installation. If this is the case for your kitchen, Zephyr has kits and hoods available that run air through a filter and recirculate it back into your kitchen, cleaning out smells and cooking mishaps trapped in any air particles. No matter your needs, you’re bound to find something in Zephyr’s collection of powerful, beautiful range hoods. Browse our selection of Zephyr range hoods at Living Direct and find the right installation type, power type, and style for you.