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Like EdgeStar, Koldfront is a marquee brand of the company Living Direct. Founded in 1999 by Rick Lundbom, these brands were the result of a life-long inspiration spent watching his father and grandfather selling appliances made specifically for boats and RVs. Rick wanted to perfect that customer experience: one where people with appliance needs were met by experienced and storied craftsmen who knew the territory. Not content to simply sell appliances made by other manufacturers, Rick set out to control the process line from start to finish. This is why Koldfront was born: to ensure that the appliances that reach customers are high-quality, affordable, and designed to last.

To this day, the company is still growing, all the while introducing new products and enhancing older designs. No longer confined to boats and RVs, Koldfront’s line of appliances has grown to include fixtures such as wine coolers, perfect for budding collections of bottles, and beverage coolers, which provide ample space for cans. Countertop dishwashers and ice makers help enhance smaller kitchens. Koldfront’s focus, however—as evidenced by the company’s name—is its expansive line of air conditioners. Koldfront designs and manufacturers air conditioners for all situations. Whether you need something more permanent installed through a wall, set up for summer in an open window, or simply need something portable to move from room to room—Koldfront’s got you covered.

Not everybody has access to central air. Often, it’s too expensive or prohibitive to install vast ducting systems—modern apartments and smaller homes may not even have the space. Koldfront’s window air conditioners are a perfect solution. If your apartment or home features standardized windows that can accommodate an air conditioner installation, several units stand ready. No matter the size of the space you need cooled, Koldfront offers cool-only models from 8,000 to 12,000 BTUs. Additionally, Koldfront also makes window units that both cool and heat—perfect for chilly winters.

If you have no window space to spare, a through-the-wall unit is a great solution. These units—which range from 8,000 to 12,000 BTU and also heat and cool—fit directly into wall sleeves, and feature easily removable filters for quick cleaning and maintenance. And when not in use, they’ll remain in place without taking up window space or needing to be removed.

For the ultimate in flexibility, Koldfront’s portable air conditioners are second to none. These Ultracool units utilize carbon filters to clean the air as they cool, with capacities from 8,000 to 14,000 BTUs. Additionally, these ultra-portable units—which move easily from room to room and vent out of existing windows—can also dehumidify, making sure that humid summers stay outdoors.

Koldfront’s other appliances focus on cooling in other ways. Whether you need it in the form of a frosty drink inside of an 80-can beverage cooler or a chilled bottle in a wine cooler, multiple options are available. They feature slim fits, thermoelectric cooling systems, and multiple zones for different types of wine. If you need a little extra ice in your drink, look no further than the ultra-compact portable ice machine.

A Koldfront’s coming, and it’s bringing plenty of ways in which to beat the heat. Check out our selection for an appliance that’s sure to suit your needs.